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Scientists observe Gordon Freeman's progress as he moves through the course. It serves as the introduction to the game and follows the player character, Gordon Freeman, as he heads to Sector C.

Gordon rides a tram deep into the heart of the Black Mesa Research Facility on his way to the Anomalous Materials Lab to begin work.

This opens an inter-dimensional portal between Earth and a bizarre alien world known as Xen.

Gordon is briefly teleported there during the ordeal, at one point encountering what appear to be sentient life forms, including Vortigaunts. This chapter details Gordon's efforts to reach the surface to get help in the aftermath of the Resonance Cascade.

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Immediately after pushing an alien sample into the scanning beam, the system goes critical, triggering a Resonance Cascade.

Gordon also occasionally witnesses the G-Man, watching him from out-of-reach places.

Since the tram system is too damaged to function, Gordon must cross Sector B's Coolant Reserve Facility in order to find a way out.

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