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To those of us who follow this crap religiously, Favreau’s name rang a bell.

He’s known for several things – he’s one of Obama’s best, brightest and most favorite speechwriters, and he had a minor scandal during the end of last year’s primaries when photos were released of him drunkenly groping a Hillary Clinton cut-out.

He looks like a frat boy, but he’s supposed to be a damn good writer.

According to the, Rashida had been “miserable” after her split with John Krasinski.

For a while, Favreau had a girlfriend, but as soon as mutual friends informed Rashida that Favreau was single, she moved in for the kill.

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Promises, praises, and pontifications are what voters get up until November and then after the ballot box, things start to get more concrete.

Here are photos of Reggie Love – he didn’t hook up with anyone that we know of, he’s just hot. (It’s hard to find pics of him due to the fact that he has the same name as the actor.

I also had a hard time finding photos of Sean Smith.) Credit:

Favreau’s successor will be Cody Keenan, who is a Chicago native in charge of writing Obama’s upcoming State of the Union address and previously headed up the effort on Obama’s remarks following last December's mass shooting in Newtown, Conn.

), who is dating one of President Obama’s speechwriters, a guy named Jon Favreau.

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