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I can only say thank you so much because she is such a beautiful lady and not just physically. QA: Carrie Fisher Says Electric Shock Therapy Saved Her Life, Opens Up About Famous Pop FOX411: Does Jason ever worry he’s turning into a nine year old girl? He probably likes ‘Cars’ best and ‘Despicable Me’ comes in a close second, because there’s three in that one and those three are very close to how ours are, so we always have a good laugh about that.

I mean that spiritually, emotionally, just who she is as a person is quite extraordinary. Does your husband, ex-New York Giants football player Jason Sehorn help? Harmon: No, you could put a pink bow on him and sit him in a pink teapot miniature chair at a tea party, and I have actually walked in and seen that and it’s still no. FOX411: Are you sometimes amazed at how they bicker?

Angie Harmon followed her parents’ path to have a career in modeling.

At the age of 15, she already had become the winner of the national cover contest for Seventeen Magazine, beating other 63,000 teenagers to attend a national photo shoot in New York.

As far as this property gossip can tell from a careful but unscientific parse of various property record data bases, the erstwhile Harmon-Sehorns, who once owned a 6,377-square foot spread in the celeb-favored Hidden Hills enclave in L.

A.’s far western suburbs that was sold in 2011 for .445 million, continue to own a stately Georgian-style residence of 7,733-square-feet set on 2.19 lushly landscaped acres located down a private lane in Charlotte, NC, that they picked up in May 2010 for .3 million.

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Look our forefathers moved here for freedom of speech and wanting to be able to have their own opinion. QA: Florence Henderson Reveals Embarrassing STD, 'Brady Bunch' Secrets in New Book FOX411: You guys spoke at the Republican Convention in 2004. Harmon: I tell you my husband would be the most incredible Governor, Senator, President, he’d be fantastic.

QA: Dyan Cannon Says She and Cary Grant Took LSD, Denies Gay Rumors FOX411: You and your husband are Republicans. I’m going to have an opinion as everybody else does and I was asked a question. After I quote unquote came out as a Republican, one of my dearest gay friends said to me, ‘You’ve got to go on a T. show and tell everyone you like gay people.’ I was like, ‘Why? It’s pretty obvious we’re not going to al think the same way but we’ve got to learn to appreciate every American for the fact that they have the right to think the way they do.

Does that make you feel like you’ve got three heads in Hollywood? When I quote, unquote came out I had no idea I was doing something that was detrimental to my career. The fact that it was turned into that I was a gay hating racist was just heartbreaking. ’ He was like, ‘Because you’re a Republican.’ I was like, ‘I’m sorry who’s stereotyping who? The Democrats have the right to think the way they think, the Republicans have the right to think the way they think.

They’ll hug each other for about 20 seconds and then it becomes bickering and crying and complaining.

It literally makes me feel like my uterus is going to fall out. Every time they start I’m like, ‘You’re best friends.’ That’s all I say to them.

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