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There are several very good reasons for this practice.

Though it rarely happens, occasionally someone is owed enough money, sex, or some other consideration by the volunteer snuff candidate to want to derail the proceedings.

According to article 4, chapter 3 of the Volunteer Snuff Act of 2116, "Any candidate may cancel all agreements and change her mind without penalty for any reason, up to the moment when, on the designated day and in the presence of her executioner, she places herself --or freely allows herself to be placed-- into any article of bondage specific to the chosen snuff assignment, such as handcuffs, nooses, ankle cuffs, loops, clips, collars, buckles, gags, etc.

Invokement occurs at that time." This cancellation privelige is vehemently upheld by law.

" This "exception" rule performs an important psychological role for the candidate, very similar to the it's-ok-to-change-your-mind rule--It smooths away any sense of real danger up until the last moment. The encouragement and support she receives from counsellors and family members for being a candidate is very nurturing.

Volunteer candidates are held in great esteem by society, bordering on reverence.

But that should be a small sacrifice to make for perfecting the world's society, especially compared to what the snuff candidate is choosing to give up.

She can even borrow advances on this money from companies who set up split-percentage deals for those royalties.

And because of the debt-elimination rule, she can live it up with no worries of anyone ever having to pay those advances back.

What was once an agreement of candidacy becomes a fully binding contract. It is considered good taste to give her executioner this ultimate commission. Until the last second you can always change your mind.

That way if she ever begs him to recant her decision, allowing her to live, then it really means something when he simply says "no. You can say no any time you like, and for any reason you like..." Or they might add, "Besides, even then the moderator could stop an execution if you wanted him to. It will be so intense and erotic, and you'll be so beautiful..." The days, or weeks, leading up to Invokement can be filled with soothing, positive thoughts.

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