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More » Another similar way to make free HD video calls from your computer is with Nimbuzz.As an anniversary present I decided to treat my wife, Kaye, to a massage.As the appointment time neared, my wife got undressed and put on her bath robe.There was a knock at the door and I went to let in the therapist.My wife was very excited to be getting a massage and thanked me multiple times.We decided that the massage would be done in our family room since it provided the needed privacy and had a bathroom adjacent to it.However, when he reached the edge of the sheet, instead of stopping, he folded it up so that the fold was right at the bottom of her ass.

Instead of getting her a gift certificate to a spa, I decided to find someone who would come out to the house.

When he left the room, she dropped her robe and climbed onto the table lying face down with the sheet covering her ass.

I, of course, was treated to the sight of my lovely bride in her birthday suit. He had set the mood with low light and soft music and began using scented oils. It was easy to see that she was tense but as he worked, she began to relax. Slowly working his way down each arm and finishing with each finger.

She agreed to go through with the massage since I was there and we were already paying for it but she was uncomfortable.

Greg had the table set up and told Kaye to get on the table under the sheet while he washed his hands.

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