Updating fstab

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They were meant to be mounted manually and then further processing was done.

There existed (exists) a way through which it can be done automatically, fstab was the magic wand.

I changed something in this file manually due to problem with awstats report.

I am using ISPConfig 3 with the help of the tutorial from howtoforge.

If you become too much reliable on GUI front-end, it won't be that much long when you find yourself in a corner and unable to do anything because you don't know how those things actually work.

"is very easy in linuxmint with the disk utility which have a nice gui explaining everyting" Well, not really everything... it's not telling you that it will edit the fstab file - and also not how to fix it after a misled Win install on a harddrive with an already existing Linux Mint on it ...

We will go through and explain each column in the order they [email protected] Just an example, My university teacher called me a few days ago and showed me a print copy of this tutorial and asked if I was the author (my roll number is in my username).And also he told me that he tried other methods (searching from internet) which gave him unsatisfactory results, while this method worked for every cases (it is supposed to be, as it's the basics of the basics).Neither, what to do if your computer don't like to boot anymore ...Your how2 is very detailed and therefore appreciated.

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