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“On March 9th, we set out with a goal to provide enough seeds to help Americans plant 100 million wildflowers across the country to help #Bring Back The Bees,” Brand Media Relations Manager Mike Siemienas said in an e-mail.

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When the plug is removed, those contacts close to connect a circuit; such a connection is said to be "normal".Here is an excerpt from the text of the rumor, as e-mailed to us on 16 March 2017: Before you get too excited about the new Cheerios campaign, where they’ve decided to give out 100 million FREE wildflower seeds, let me tell you what’s really up… Cheerios tested HIGHER for GLYPHOSATE (aka Round Up) than any other food tested- with Glyphosate levels over 1,100 parts per billion! GLYPHOSATE IS WHAT IS KILLING THE BEES IN THE FIRST PLACE AND CHEERIOS REFUSES TO STOP USING THE PESTICIDE ON THEIR PRODUCTS! The company that Cheerios has partnered with for this project, Vesey’s Seed Company, was formerly owned by Monsanto (the maker of GLYPHOSATE) However, although it’s true that laboratory tests found glyphosate residues in Cheerios cereal and other grain-based packaged foods, indicating the herbicide was used in fields where crops for these products were grown, a 2015 study published in the Journal of Economic Entomology found that glyphosate has “very minor or no acute toxicity to honeybees.” It is the case, of course (as stated above), that converting lands to agricultural use (such as growing oats) shrinks pollinators’ natural habitats, which can lead to starvation.General Mills has participated in efforts to ameliorate this problem by supporting large-scale bee habitat plantings on farms where crops used in its products are grown.“How much good the wildflowers do depends upon the result that is measured,” he explained in an e-mail.“An individual native bee might be able to adequately collect enough nectar and pollen from all the flowers from one or two seed packets to meet its reproductive demands for a season.

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