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Police on Facebook reminded people to transport holiday trees 'responsibly.''Sudbury PD would like to remind you to transport your Holiday trees responsibly,' police said on the Facebook post.

'One of our Officer's stopped this vehicle on Route 20 today!

There was plenty of space for her to do so: the orchard closest to the house stretched almost to the river.

A search team, which included volunteers on ATVs, local firefighters, sheriff’s deputies, and a bloodhound named J. from the nearby state prison, soon fanned out across the property.

Bonnie, her white puff of hair always freshly coiffed, was a fixture of San Saba’s social scene, known for never missing a Sunday school class or a meeting of the garden club.

Her pecan-based desserts were legendary, often earning her first place at the county’s pecan food show and a front-page mention in the San Saba News & Star.

It also uncovered a dark tale of family, greed, and hate. The late afternoon of March 25, 2012, a voice crackled over the police scanners that perch on the coffee tables or hang on the belts of many residents in San Saba: an ambulance was headed out to Harkey Pecan Farms.

He traced the winning nuts to a tree he dubbed the Mother Pecan, then began growing his own through novel pollination and grafting techniques, earning himself the nickname “the Johnny Appleseed of pecans.” His efforts made the trees commercially viable, and Risien became the nuts’ biggest booster, mailing samples to Queen Victoria and Alfred Lord Tennyson.

But when Brown arrived at the house, he found a puzzling scene.

Bonnie’s caretaker, a fifty-year-old redhead named Karen Johnson, was sprawled facedown just inside the front door, atop the floral doormat.

Her reading glasses were resting on the floor beside her head, and she was cool to the touch. Karen’s eleven-year-old son, who had found her and called 911, stood on the front porch clutching a cordless phone.

The paramedics who arrived five minutes later quickly determined she was dead. He had been playing video games in another room, he said through tears, and hadn’t heard any commotion.

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