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The tractors replaced people tilling the soil just as the cotton gin replaced slave labor in the South.Technology will always replace workers and the greater the tax burden, the greater the incentive to replace workers.The idea of free money being touted by Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg only demonstrates that they know nothing about humanity or economics.They see universal free money as a cushion for workers whose jobs might be replaced by automation or robots.They argue that free money could provide workers with the flexibility to retrain for a new career, pursue creative interests, or start their own business.If we are talking about a temporary benefit during a retraining period, then that is an entirely different idea from a universal basic income guarantee. Some people will obey the rules and others will circumvent them.Every day millions of people turn to dating apps to find love.

Recommended Citation: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Bureau of Economic Analysis.Charleston, SC: NOAA Office for Coastal Management.The Bureau of Economic Analysis revises its gross domestic product (GDP) estimates each year for data in its time series.Further, a range of niche sites connect people with highly specific interests, whether it’s single parenthood, a gluten-free lifestyle, or a devotion to Ayn Rand.But some argue that online dating is rife with sexism, racism, and misogyny, and that dating apps ultimately create a culture that prioritizes sex over committed and lasting love.

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