The difficulty of two celebrities dating each other play bleach dating sim game

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However, adding Nicki Minaj as a judge was a huge opportunity for her since it would further her fame with a mainstream audience.

As a female rapper, it was a positive thing to be on a network series and sitting next to Mariah Carey.

50 Cent released a statement where he referenced having superior writers and showrunners and even stated, “I don’t like that they would copy the marketing.” Taraji P.

Henson was receiving accolades and awards for her portrayal as Cookie Lyon and decided to use her thriving popularity to try and squish the little bug that was trying to rain on her parade.

The competition amongst celebrities is huge since their popularity can mean the difference between getting the part or getting passed over or just gaining favor with the public.

Although there are some celebrities that are able to ramble off the fake courtesies of being happy for another star, there are others that just can’t stomach it.

Remy Ma has always stated that it was Minaj that started the feud through a reference in her “Dirty Money” freestyle.

Yet, there was never any confirmation and then Remy Ma was sentenced to eight years for two assault charges involving a gun.

From blocking job opportunities to slamming their looks, it’s interesting how many celebrities have been caught trying to downplay another’s achievements or status in Hollywood.

Since the two had known each other for many years (and were even once rumored to have dated), there was a lot Remy Ma knew about the early life of Minaj before her stardom.

She also knew individuals that were once romantically involved with Minaj and decided to use all of that information in a diss track entitled, “Shether.” People couldn’t get over all of the information unleashed in this 7-minute response.

Bette Midler released a tweet that read, “If Kim wants us to see a part of her we’ve never seen, she’s gonna have to swallow the camera.” There were other celebrities that responded with huge insults after Kim’s nude tweet but it was Midler’s tweet that had people laughing at her.

It’s one thing to stand firm against a woman showing nude pics over the Internet, it’s another to make fun of her for all the world to see.

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