Steam keeps updating

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I know this is a common issue and happens because you pause or start DOTA during the download.But googling did not give me a solution except "download it again with out fiddling" What I did exactly was when the download got to 7.2gb/7.2gb , I stupidly started dota out of impatience This reset the whole download even though it clearly is still on my computer.Hey guys, I transferred Counterstrike to my desktop from my laptop to play on the same steam account a while back.They just released a new update, but steam will not update it because it does not recognize that the game is installed in the first place.This whole process has to be eating up my hard drive space as well, assuming the repeat downloads are adding rather than replacing. i'm the physical max of traditional dsl, 6mbit for me, that's under 730kbytes/s which is not a big dealdo you use an anti virus, where is steam installed, where are the games installed, could force steam offline as a last resort, but that means no more community I just had this issue twice now the first time i can't remember what i did but this time i was downloading some mods for Arm A 3 from the steam workshop and 5 mods that are from the same person were the reason behind steam keep reupdating most of my games.Once i removed those 5 mods it still made me update the games but just that one time then it did it no more.

How can i get steam to recognize the game is installed so it will update!???before installing updated drivers to avoid driver conflicts.Steam Support assumes no responsibility for the effects that changing the driver for your video or sound card may have on your system - it is your responsibility to follow the instructions provided by the video card manufacturer to ensure the proper removal of old drivers and installation of updated drivers.If you purchased a separate video card or cannot obtain the appropriate drivers through the computer manufacturer you may be able to obtain updated drivers from the manufacturer of your video card.Please consult your video card manufacturer or computer assembler if you have any questions regarding the installation of updated drivers.

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