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In this paper, we consider the possibility of human-machine converse rather than human-human.

Although this could not be considered naturalistic conversation dialogue, we assert that it alleviates privacy issues and is suitable for people who may not have a conversational partner, while still assessing the applied use of communication rather than short, clinical assessments.

While there are many standardized voice, language and cognitive formal assessments, the fluctuating nature of PD means that it is important to monitor performance outside of the clinical environment.

With the advent of ubiquitous smart-phone technology, autonomous remote monitoring applications that log and analyse multi-domain data such as accelerometery, voice and community movement are being increasingly reported [6].

These factors, coupled with the internet-at-large’s insatiable appetite for filth and controversy at all costs, and an army of idiots with dubious agendas and a desire to watch the world burn, created a perfect storm for the absolute corruption of Tay. Could our algorithms, designed specifically to help learning machines understand the importance of context and sentiment on the emotional responses of humans to unstructured text have made a difference? Shame we never heard from the good folks at Microsoft. She made unforgivable comments about some of history’s most terrible tragedies.

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Examples include health behaviour change for obesity and diabetes [8]; disease self-management [9]; and health education for adolescents on topics related to sex, drugs and alcohol [10].More recent efforts however have been placed on examining the consequences of difficulties with communication.Studies have shown PWP have problems with conversation initiation, turn-taking, topic management, word- retrieval, and memory [5]. in [1] examined the impact of changes in communication for PWP by conducting in-depth interviews and found emergent themes of frustration due to losing track mid-sentence and indignity and social withdrawal from being excluded from the conversation.Microsoft had already experimented exhaustively with a similar bot in China, called “Xiaoice”, which reportedly engaged in over 40 million conversations without incident. Many wondered whether Tay, if given enough time and healthy interaction, may have learned a different way to get attention, a different way to interact.

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