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This explains the time range for clear fluids and solids prior to deep sedation/general anesthesia appointments.For minimal or moderate sedation, clinicians may individualize their fasting guidelines.

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No interventions are required to maintain a patent airway and spontaneous ventilation is adequate. Deep Sedation/Analgesia is a drug-induced depression of consciousness during which patients cannot be easily aroused but respond purposefully following repeated or painful stimulation.

In addition, the risk of laryngospasm increases.4 Evaluation and Preparation of the Child for Sedation Age Children younger than the age of three years are often unable to fully comprehend the procedure.

This child is likely to require deeper levels of sedation to achieve desired results because the combination of non-pharmacologic (behaviour management) and pharmacologic techniques are unlikely to result in a more cooperative patient.5 If larger doses of sedative medications are used, the child may enter a deeper level of sedation than intended and the risk of adverse events increases.

Hence, practitioners intending to produce a given level of sedation should be able to rescue patients whose level of sedation becomes deeper than initially intended.

Individuals administering moderate sedation/analgesia (“conscious sedation”) should be able to rescue patients who enter a state of deep sedation/analgesia.3 As the level of sedation deepens, the muscle tone in the pharynx and the soft palate decreases and the epiglottis falls back causing obstruction.

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