Royal worcester dating markings

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In 1708 a German potter uncovered the Chinese recipe for making the porcelain from which the articles were fashioned, and it was then that European potteries emerged to rival their Asian counterparts.

The acclaimed Spode pottery came into being in England in 1776 while Wedgwood was born more than a decade earlier in 1759.

As they refined the art, they also began making it more distinctive by decorating the surfaces with traditional symbols and later with scenes from the Chinese landscape.

The Japanese, who had learned much of the art from Korean craftsman trained in China, began producing their own versions of ceramic plates.

Detailed below are the characteristics of some of the finest of these and what exactly makes them so distinctive. It is portrayed as stoneware, although some experts refer to it as a type of porcelain.

Dating Jasperware is a matter of knowing how the items were stamped by the manufacturer at different historical times.

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Chinese antique plates are difficult to date as it was originally not customary for a manufacturer to have any kind of acknowledgement of date or period marking its ceramics.

European nobility had already begun a lasting love-affair with ceramic items imported from China. European potteries were set a very high standard to uphold and they did so in style.

Examples of antique dishes from every culture are highly sought after today, and are prized and valuable collectables.

will be bought not only for the quality of the craftsmanship that shaped them, but for an appreciation of the intricate artistry that characteristically decorates their surfaces.

The sheer beauty of these antique ceramics could engender, in some, a new passion for collecting the works of the past masters and learn more of their history.

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