Removing old files after updating

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) on my system drive after the recent major Windows 10 update.

I haven't recently installed a new operating system, I moved to Win 10 a year ago and I did a fresh install.

If it doesn't find any outdated update in your system, you'll not see "Windows Update Cleanup" option.Can the folder be created after Windows updates and can I safely delete to save disk space?The folder contains the files from previous OS or version, and is used when the user wants to rollback to the previous OS or Windows 10 version.It’s important to note first that isn’t a new feature in Windows 10; it’s been part of the Windows upgrade process since Windows Vista and it serves an important role.The folder contains important system and user files that let a user roll back an upgrade or Windows re-install to the previous version, either because something went wrong during the upgrade process or because the user later discovers an incompatibility with their software or hardware in the new version and needs to revert to the old version in order to restore functionality.

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