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For the remainder of her time at CNN, Nichols reported across the network’s platforms on big sports stories including Deflategate and the Ray Rice domestic abuse controversy.

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I sat down and read the police reports, I read the great reporting boxing journalists had done that hadn't gotten a lot of public traction.

She called out alleged serial sexual harasser and former Mavs president Terdema Ussery for straight-up lying in his response to the article.

From #The Jump: ' Hostile work environment' doesn't even begin to cover some of the disgusting behavior described in a Sports Illustrated report on the Dallas Mavericks front office.

We sat down near her studio in downtown Los Angeles for a candid chat—sports journalist to sports journalist—about taking charge when the ball's in your court. And it seemed so much better than working in an office., reporting and filing stories every day. But there are some situations where you show a clip of Michael Jordan and say, "Did you see that?

" And I can write about that clip ten different ways and I'm never going to be able to do it justice.

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