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It's a real fight in the car, and we driving in the street.'I'm like "yo, we tripping, what the f**k, what are we doing?" She tried to grab for my phone, and I'm not giving her my phone, to throw it out the window.'He says he pulled over in Hancock Park: 'I'm just trying to resolve the situation, I'm not trying to fight.' 'She takes the keys out of the car..fakes it like she throws them out of the window,' he added.'I get out the car and I'm looking for the keys and somebody yelled and she yells out her door, "Help, he’s trying to kill me."' He says he attempted to find the keys, but she was sitting on them.

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He heard her sing and knew she was going to be incredibly successful. READ MORE Rihanna's got to be breathing a sigh of relief after finally selling the West Hollywood home she's been struggling to unload for almost 5 months. READ MORE Chris Rock is a changed man for the better, now that he's dating younger women -- and it all might be thanks to him getting shot down by Rihanna first ... but it was Jay-Z and Kendrick Lamar who were the real stars behind the scenes. Despite the disparity in their styles, they looked fabulous side by side.More than two dozen others were equally enchanting and you can see them (below)!Rihanna found it hard to move on from her first love, breaking in tears when quizzed about their volatile relationship on Oprah's Next Chapter in 2012. Such exquisiteness this week from Rihanna and Emily Blunt. Ri Ri gave off major dominatrix vibes in her strapless leather belted mini dress, while Emily went the opposite route in a frothy confection worthy of any princess.

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