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By the time he was 20 years old Olbermann had joined UPI's national radio network.While at UPI was involved in many activities from reporting and anchoring to commentating.Olbermann received his Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, in 1979.While at Cornell, he worked as sport director for Ithaca’s radio station, WVBR, which was run by local college students.As the fingers pointed at Olbermann on his Twitter feed, that contrast became ever more apparent.To Olbermann’s credit, his recent feudin’ words (he recently called Schultz a “supposedly liberal commentator”) did not bleed over into his tweets about the Ingraham flap, keeping the focus where it belonged, on Schultz’s words: Olbermann, of course, has been accused of having his own problems with women, and some of those chickens came home to roost last night.

At the age of 17 he worked as a stringer for United Press International, a major news agency that provided journalistic material to magazines, newspapers and radio and television broadcasting companies.

While working for ESPN, Olbermann was selected to host the newly launched ESPN Radio Network, as well as the television station ESPN2.

During his time on Sports Center, Olbermann branched out into writing and co-wrote The Big Show, an autobiographical book about what it was like for him to work for ESPN.

When confronted about it last night, though, he expressed regret: I wasn’t exactly sure this was an apology, but when Kate Doak (a contributor to my personal blog) also confronted him, asking “why have u used Transgenders as punchlines to slander others in the past?

” Olbermann replied,”I was wrong to do that, and I apologized for it here.” He’s apparently not ready, though, to reconsider his treatment of Carrie Prejean.

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