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Kripp will forever be my ' Salt Shaker' Hello, Kripparrian, this is your ass, Assarrian, with a humble request to stop talking out of me.

I know it's fun to pretend like you have any idea what you're talking about, and to pull random statistics out of me to support whatever point you're awkwardly trying to make, but come on!

It is amazing we get to live in a time with the king of games. I often find my self watching his old vods just to stare and look at his 'salty boy' body.

"K"Today my 12 year old son and I walked into harvard to sign him up for college.Kripp is a god at these types of games, he could reach diamond his first day if he wanted to.Kripp understands games on a level we can't even imagine to be possible. With his theory crafting, his builds today will be the future meta.He struggles to adjust his eyes to the glare of his computer screen, yearning to view his beloved twitch chat one more time. After taking a few deep breaths, Kripp wipes the blood off of his face, sits back down at his computer, and resumes his stream. We have identified your grey screen problem as being located in two files called "feed.dll" and "boosted.dll", you can safely delete them and it should be good! I'm really trying to pay attention to the stream and you guys are distracting me.As Jeff Kaplan stares at me through my computer screen, I begin to contemplate reality. If you guys really cared about the quality of the stream or Kripp himself you would stop the spamming and copying and pasting.

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