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I've talked to pussyeeter personally through email about this story and the one that we are going to start so we have a lot of work ahead of us, wish us luck! ------------------------------------------ If I said that I knew my dad growing up, I would be lying, I didn't know him all that well at all, I didn't even know what he looked like because like, mom never showed me pictures of him, ever!Don't get me wrong, I knew who my dad was, and I knew that he was actually a great dad despite the fact that he was never, ever around and that mom constantly talked shit on him.I really really love that story because it really helped me to come to terms with what happened to me in real life.But just so you know, it's also going to have some fiction in it to and I have asked pussyeeter to help me with the fictional parts.If you have forgotten your password click here to retrieve your password.

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How many can say that their dads cared enough about their kids that they fight hard to take care of them and not even care how it would hurt them financially?He would call his lawyer and got to court, he would actually tell the judge that he wanted to pay more for child support.And because of him, the amount he paid would go up every single year.And from then on, that was the insurance mom used for me all of the time.I was in my early early teens when I found out that my dad was the one paying for my health insurance for sure, not my mom and step dad.

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    If the death of a person results, the person may be sentenced to 30 years in prison, life in prison, or death. Perhaps the most aggressive and common sexual crime prosecution is prostitution related offenses, most often in a misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor level.

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    He must be intelligent and engaging and even tempered and fair.

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