Monogamous dating relationship

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From whether or not they believe in "The One" to if they feel they're missing out on all of the sexual and romantic variety the world has to offer, these women's candid thoughts on "extreme monogamy" will resonate with anyone, regardless of relationship status."[Long-distance] grew heavy — really, really hard. My mother’s an alcoholic, and when Rhys started to drink in college, even though I was already drinking, it really scared me — because, like, I knew that I was in control, but what’s he doing four and a half hours away? I just couldn’t wrap my head around it, and so I was very controlling and he felt very smothered...

But, I value the time we fought and spent apart because it gave us an opportunity to grow as individuals. But, my partner is this other person, whom I love, who makes me better, but I don’t need that person to function as an individual."Sonya: “We became really good friends in AP Biology, but didn’t start dating until the year after, when he was a senior in high school and I was a freshman in college.

Also, monogamy presents us with very limited options if you meet someone else you are attracted to.You can still have deep and companionship-oriented relationships, and it is quite possible to have stability within your relationship(s).In my experience, relationship stability is increased when partners feel like they are choosing to be with one another and have the ability to negotiate things they want with other people.But, in my heart, I knew that’s not where I was at, and even when we broke up, we were still the best of friends…We couldn’t stay away from each other.“There were always other opportunities…

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