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Server 2008 allows a Domain Controller to not contain a DNS server. In the past, enterprises with zones containing large numbers of records in active directory experienced delays of up to an hour or more when the DNS server services in windows 2003 tried to retrieve the data from active directory on restart. How does background zone loading promotes efficiency in the name resolution?

Background zone loading will reduce the time needed to start the DNS server service.

In such cases, the LOB application owner must often log on to the domain controller interactively or use Terminal Services to configure and manage the application.

This situation creates a security risk that may be unacceptable on a writable domain controller.

A domain-integrated zone on a RODC will not accept Dynamic updates.

A file-backed DNS zone on such a RODC would be able to accept dynamic updates, as it has a separate database from the domain database. The DNS sever in windows server 2008 makes data retrieval faster by executing background zone loading.

To deploy an RODC, at least one writable domain controller in the domain must be running Windows Server 2008.

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You can grant a nonadministrative domain user the right to log on to an RODC while minimizing the security risk to the Active Directory forest.For more information about prerequisites for deploying an RODC, What new functionality does this feature provide?RODC addresses some of the problems that are commonly found in branch offices.The following RODC functionality mitigates these problems: * Read-only AD DS database * Unidirectional replication * Credential caching * Administrator role separation * Read-only Domain Name System (DNS) Read-only AD DS database Except for account passwords, an RODC holds all the Active Directory objects and attributes that a writable domain controller holds.However, changes cannot be made to the database that is stored on the RODC.

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