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Then he'd have to pretty much become a monk, and actually stay away from anyone or anyplace that can be connected to "gay" activity.

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When it's over, he'll do a couple of poor dramas or ads, lose his hair completely then go back to the theatre and we'll never hear about him again. After watching that clip and comparing it to Sam's role in Outlander, it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that a gay man can convincingly play a romantic lead in a straight role. I don't understand why you think the gay stage role proves he can act straight which makes him a great actor. There are no real kisses that I can see, it's all just closed mouth mashing.

Oh and his favourite song is Erasure's 'L'Amour' and he loves to take his clothes off.

The best thing he can do if he wants to continue riding the fame, is publicly say that he is single, and wants to keep it that way, as he has to concentrate on his career right now, and it would be selfish to expect a 'partner' to have to put up with that blah blah.

If a deluded fangirl comes here to post something vacuous and homophobic address that poster. I also don't believe that he is pretending that Cait is his girlfriend.

Dear R41, you have a reading comprehension problem. The only ones that believe that live in a fantasy land. But I don't actually know it because I don't know him and there is no tangible proof.

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