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In the clip Gradus says couldn’t have outed Elizabeth and Kay as sex workers, Elizabeth appears in a tiny leotard, waggling her butt cheeks for the camera.She made the clip public on a social-media streaming site, with no idea it might end up in a Netflix docuseries about porn.Many performers face daily threats of harassment and violence from over-zealous fans and stalkers, and many are stigmatized for the work they do by families and communities.

, a documentary widely panned by the porn industry, and that Rashida Jones, a producer of both the documentary and the series, was not involved.

Reynolds is also protesting that producers showed part of his father’s face after agreeing to keep him out of the series.

(The episode prefaces the segment with Reynolds’ father with a title card that says, “Riley’s father requested his identity remain hidden while filming,” then keeps about a third of his father’s face in view during parts of their conversation.) Privacy is a huge issue for performers, and in direct correlation to their personal and physical safety.

The shots of Paige’s personal Facebook page and the inclusion of her real name don’t advance the story or serve any grand purpose in the episode.

Her brief presence in the episode, which she claims she begged the producers to cut, is unimportant and doesn’t expose any kind of wrongdoing that might have justified keeping her in the series after she revoked her consent.

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