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They should have saved that music cue for the lame-ass HOH competition, which James and Chelsia won.

The houseguests had to answer questions based upon how they thought everyone else would vote; the majority’s vote not only gave a point to those couples who also selected that answer, but also affected the whole house.

” Jen lied, “Absolutely not.” They made up and were all kissing and sad by the time the live eviction came.

Before Jen and Parker were evicted, Julie Chen introduced a new rule, explaining that “each couple gets one vote and they must agree.

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The houseguests targeted them thanks to Jen’s obnoxiousness and, apparently, their potential to work together.

If they don’t, they risk being evicted themselves.” How exactly that would happen isn’t clear, but could be interesting if one couple implodes.

Speaking of implosions, the episode started with a look at the big fight, uncensored footage of which has been on You Tube since it actually happened.

Do not worry about that,” Jen told Ryan, as if that was something to be proud of.

And then Ryan, apparently not grasping what it means to disapprove of interracial couples, said, “You didn’t say I was racist and prejudiced?

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