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1785, daughter of LAZARUS TILLEY and ELIZABETH MARTIN. His birth and death information was again verified from this document, as did the names of both of his wives came from this order. Notes for WILLIAM HAWKINS: September 2001, a copy of an order for his miltary record was sent via Don Rutledge but the work of Dexter Walter Hawkins: William Hawkins was a General in the Revolution War, and he served with the North Carolina Troops, Upper Salisbury District, Surry County, NC. More About WILLIAM HAWKINS and NANCY TILLEY: Fact 1: October 2001, Kay Farmer sent a request to the Division of Archives and History in Raleigh, NC for their marriage record and they could not find anything for them. Children of WILLIAM HAWKINS and JEMIMA BRITTAIN are: i. More About BENJAMIN HAWKINS: Fact 1: It is believed that he went to Tennessee. More About JAMES HAWKINS: Fact 1: 1800, He first appears on the census in Buncombe County and it is believed that he remained there until his death. More About WILLIAM HAWKINS, JR.: Fact 1: 1800, It is believed that he married a Cherokee girl before 1800, and should of been on the census with one son and one daughter, thinking he may of moved to Western District of Tennessee at least by 1820.. More About BETSY HAWKINS: Fact 1: From the petition of her brother Lazarus Hawkins in 1817 concerning his fathers will, is where I got her husbands name More About BUSTER HEATH and BETSY HAWKINS: Fact 1: August 27, 1807, There is a marriage record with this date for a Elezebeth Hawkins and Baxter Heath, found in the Stokes County, NC marriage records, could this be Betsy? So far as these witnesses (to with Hugh Martin and Elizabeth Martin) recollects or understands relative to the foregoing statement is true. Sworn to before J A Martin May 11, 1804Land Records: Copies on file County: Surry, NCName: William Hawkins13 October 1783 Grant #505 Acres: 200 Warrent #626Entered bok 58 page 80Location: Mill Creek, Stokes, NC 1789 (Land and his improvements)Acres: 3510 Grant #117 Issued: 10 July 1788Entry #414 Entered Book 67 page 226On the south fork of Forked Deer River, including the blugg above the mouth of said Fork. Children of ELENORE HAWKINS and BELL SIMMONS are: 6. This information came from a letter written to Donald Rutledge from Linda Vernon. More About BELL SIMMONS: Fact 1: June 2001, I had the first name "William", but changed it to read as George Mustain's file. Fact 4: In 1850 it was thought he and his family appeared on the Smyth County, VA census.

Fact 2: June 2001, She was called "Nellie", changed her name from her nickname from information from George Mustain. He married MARGARETTA ELIZABETH PETREE December 31, 1816 in Stokes County, NC, daughter of JOHN PETREE and MARGARETHA ZIMMERMAN. Lazarus Hawkins August 2001, from Don Rutledge family file:1860 Hawkins County, TN census has Lazarus age 65 and Ellen Hawkins, f, age 24 b North Carolina, also there is a Bowman M. (I suspect that what I read as Bowman is actually Roman M.)More About LAZARUS HAWKINS: Fact 1: 1850, Census: His first 3 children were married and gone from home, but from this census added the last 3 children. Fact 2: June 2001, His death information came from Jo Martin, her information on Rootsweb. More About MARGARETTA ELIZABETH PETREE: Fact 1: May 2001, Her name in another marriage record was" Betsy Petree", so changed my January 1817 to how it reads in this book. More About LAZARUS HAWKINS and MARGARETTA PETREE: Fact 1: Found their marriage in the Stokes County marriages, their bond date was December 31, 1816 so it is a guess they got married in January. Fact 2: Her name was listed as "Betsy", and changed the spelling of her name from "Petrie" to read like the marriage records. Fact 5: August 2001, Some of the information for this familly came from Donald Rutledge, a descendant. More About ALEXANDER HAWKINS: Fact 1: Added him from the information of Jo Martin. More About JEMIMA BRITTAIN: Fact 1: She is believed to be his first wife. More About NANCY TILLEY: Fact 1: Could her last name be "Steel"?

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