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Just do it and get it over with.” On limited evidence, Patric seems more comfortable in public as well.

He looked almost content accompanying Turlington to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas and sitting by her side at this summer’s Venice Film Festival showing of Sleepers. “They are very much a couple,” says Jim Robinson, coproducer of the suspense thriller Incognito, which Patric just finished filming in London.

For Frankenstein Unbound (1990), he arrived at his first rehearsal limping because his character, Lord Byron, had a bad foot.

In Sleepers, Patric plays a writer avenging childhood abuse by Kinney’s character, so the last thing he could do, he explained to Kinney later, was speak to his tormentor, even when the cameras Weren’t rolling. Director Walter Hill, who worked with him on 1994’s Geronimo: An American Legend, says he found the actor “self-absorbed, defensive and wary.

The reason for Patric’s attitude had nothing to do with Kinney and everything to do with Sleepers’ storyline.

Consider: Playing a junkie cop in 1991’s Rush, Patric insisted on having real hypodermic needles stuck in his arm (though fortunately he didn’t insist on real heroin).

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With a key role in Sleepers—which costars Brad Pitt, Dustin Hoffman and Robert De Niro—and his assignment as Speed 2’s designated driver, succeeding Keanu Reeves, Patric seems poised for mainstream success.Growing up in New York City and later in Bergen County, N. After his parents divorced when he was 7, his mother, Linda, an actress, moved Patric, his younger brother Jordan and older sister Jennifer to L. “He gives me a card and a rose and asks me to put them on her doorstep for him,” recalls Scott Rowe, a classmate and still a friend.“Well, it worked.” After a summer building sets and acting at the Champlain Shakespeare Festival in Vermont, Patric got over his shyness sufficiently that he decided to become a full-time actor.“She is very supportive and nurturing.” So will Patric end up a household name after all?“Assuming he doesn’t get fat, which I don’t think he will,” says Robinson.

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