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To make these applications useful, social networks may allow developers automatic access to public information of users, and may even access some private information, when a user grants the application permission.

Considering the value of behavioral advertising, it’s easy to see why many third party applications themselves include tracking capabilities, to sell user information to advertisers.

What information are you sharing when you use social networks?

This guide discusses some of the privacy and security implications of social networks and offer some general advice for taking steps to protect your privacy online.2.

According to the official State Department record of that call (obtained by Judicial Watch), Hillary Clinton clearly told Egyptian Prime Minister Hesham Mohamed Qandil, “We know that the attack in Libya had nothing to do with the film.

It was a planned attack — not a protest.” On 7 November 2012, Nakoula pleaded guilty to four of the charges against him and was sentenced to one year in prison and four years of supervised release.

In 2010, Nakoula pleaded no contest to federal charges of bank fraud in California.Nakoula had opened bank accounts using fake names and stolen Social Security numbers, including one belonging to a 6-year-old child, Nakoula has been identified as a key figure behind Innocence of Muslims, an anti-Islamic video posted on You Tube that disparages Islam's prophet Muhammad, and that has been blamed for sparking demonstrations and riots in the Middle East, North Africa, He claimed he had produced a movie titled Innocence of Muslims, which was being promoted on You Tube.He falsely claimed the movie had been funded by million collected from 100 Jewish donors, and that he himself was an Israeli Jew.Demonstrations and violent protests against the video broke out on September 11 in Egypt and spread to other Arab and Muslim nations and some western countries. federal authorities stated that Nakoula had been arrested in Los Angeles and charged with violating terms of his probation.The protests led to hundreds of injuries and more than 50 deaths. Prosecutors stated that the violations included making false statements regarding his role in the film and his use of the alias "Sam Bacile".

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