Is lewis hamilton still dating nicole

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In January 2010 Lewis Hamilton girlfriend and Lewis split up, but then came back again and tried to fix their relationship.

Then they stopped being a couple in 2011 at the end of the year, but decided to try for the last time early in 2012.

After six months from the time that they met the couple declared their relationships in public at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Their relationship has been a bumpy ride for them both, because they were together and then split up and then came back together again.

The couple looked happy together, they also had a pet together a family bulldog which they both loved and posted pictures with him, kissing him together during their vacation in Miami.

He used to date Nicole Scherzinger the judge of the famous X Factor and a singer also for five years.Last year's winner Lewis Hamilton helped launch the Mercedes AMG F1 W09 EQ Power , which features a cockpit halo to protect the driver, at Silverstone., on New Year's Eve, Scott Disick and Sofia Richie were "party hopping" in Aspen, Colorado when they ran into the 19-year-old's former fling Lewis Hamilton, who was playing a game of pool with oil heir Brandon Davis.Hamilton was in Aspen for the holiday, there was no jealousy, no fight, and no issue; rather, as Ms.Nicole joined the Don't singer backstage at one of his Wembley Stadium gigs last month and three days later he whisked her off to his home town in Suffolk, where they enjoyed a drink together at his local pub.

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