Is dominic monaghan still dating evangeline lilly

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Though Matthew Fox, who plays saintly doctor Jack, says he did sit Lilly down to discuss potential problems in getting cozy with a colleague. Nicole Evangeline Lilly was raised Baptist and Mennonite in Fort Saskatchewan, a tiny prairie town in Alberta that dips well below zero degrees in winter.

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She drops a couple of Irish breakfast tea bags into mismatched earthenware mugs, plunks down at her kitchen table, and apologizes.

Until she was cast in Lost, her most notable speaking role had been in a commercial for a cheesy Canadian chat line; she had no idea that the word pilot meant anything other than a guy who flies a plane.

When asked once what item she would take if marooned on a deserted island, the former Sunday school teacher didn't answer a gun, a lighter, or a Whole Foods.

The setup is straightforward: A jumbo jet en route from Sydney, Australia, to Los Angeles flies severely off course and breaks apart midair, dropping 48 surviving passengers on a seemingly deserted island. There are other nonindigenous folks encamped on the island.

They have guns, poor hygiene, and an unsettling habit of abducting children.

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