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Among the more common engines to be seen were the Austerity WDs which worked the heavy coal trains from the Yorkshire Coalfield to the Lancashire Power Stations.

The Stanier 8Fs were more commonly used on van trains.

The Science Museum at Swindon is a massive site housing collections ranging from the iconic Lockheed Constellation airliner to super computers, bicycles and the last Fleet Street printing press, however the NMSI's full collection is so big that only 8% of the artefacts are on public view.

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Later becoming BR No 45527, the loco spent most of its working life at 8A Edge Hill, the nearest shed to Southport with its allocation of express passenger engines, moving later to Llandudno Junction, Holyhead, Willesden, Carlisle Upperby and Carlisle Kingmoor, where it was withdrawn in December 1964 and cut up at the West of Scotland Shipbreaking Co, Troon in April 1965.

Following closure of Steamport all operations moved to the Ribble Steam Railway at Preston The stunning images from the NMSI collection show the quality of poster art commissioned by the former 'Big Four' railway companies and later British Railways.

The NMSI family is comprised of four award-winning museums, each with their own diverse identity: the Science Museum, the National Media Museum and, of course, the National Railway Museum (NRM) at York which houses the world's pre-eminent railway collection.

To the far left and in the distance is the station pilot, An Ivatt 2-6-0 possibly 46416.

(Below) Many other types of trains could be seen at Rochdale, from the numerous coal and van freights, local parcels and the daily Scotswood-Redbank Newspaper train.

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