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He could think up a thousand reasons why Nepeta would do something like this."Puurrr. I mean, they're already the most purrfect girl couple ever! This got Tavros attention, making him look into Vriska's direction."Uh, are you okay, umm, Vriska? When Vriska heard his voice, she looked up and smirked. Karkat felt himself slowly being pulled then Nepeta pushed him down slowly, making him sit on the chair."You can take them off meow" Nepeta stated.

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Karkat scribbled down words once again and handed Nepeta the paper."The last question goes to contestant #2! And I might only keep this fanfic until the second part because I have no plans of making it longer.

Nepeta's Dating Game Part 1: A Sol Kar Fanfiction Karkat sighed and scanned through his chat with Nepeta on Trollian.arsenic Catnip [AC] began trolling carcino Geneticist [CG]AC: :33 *ac twitches her friendly whiskers at cg*CG: WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT NEPETA? "Nepeta handed the paper back and ran to the third contestant.

Contestant #3, if you were stranded on an island, who would you want to be with?

Also, be aware of others- some people don’t seal their make-up, and in hugs, or even by bumping into them, cosplay can get ruined!

-Mod C This past weekend, I went to my first con with a good friend of mine. On the first day, we were looking around for other Homestuck cosplayers, and just browsing the Artist’s Alley.

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