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Jerry Springer is reinventing himself again, this time as host of a dating game series.

“Baggage,” debuting next month on the Game Show Network, gives three contestants the chance to win the eye of a prospective date.

So why not find out before you've invested months and years into a relationship?

" And who better to handle such intimate and sometimes appalling details than Springer?

"Twenty years ago it would have been surprising, but young people today share everything." See photos of Jerry Springer The biggest question for Springer is, after almost two decades of dealing with the dirty gossip and dark-kept secrets of strangers, how much more can he take? I obviously don't need to make a living anymore so I just do things that I enjoy and try to get different experiences."I've gotten a lot of offers to become a male dancer at the local nursing home," Springer jokes.

"I have notified NBC Universal, who owns me, that I am stopping my own show when I'm 103.

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So the fact that it's on television now is almost a yawn," Springer says.

Players will carry suitcases onstage to represent the baggage they’ll confess to and defend, GSN said Tuesday.

Springer called “Baggage” a family friendly show that’s “just fun and lighthearted. I’ve been doing it forever, joking around with guests, having fun.” The half-hour series debuts April 19.

Springer, 66, whose varied credits include his long-running talk show, “The Jerry Springer Show,” as well as “America’s Got Talent,” '‘Dancing With the Stars” and a Broadway turn last year in the musical “Chicago,” was to begin taping “Baggage” this week.

GSN AND JERRY SPRINGER TAKING “BAGGAGE ON THE ROAD” IN NEW TRAVELING SPINOFF OF HIT DATING GAME SHOW “BAGGAGE” Austin, Texas and LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Set As First Stops Sept. — GSN, the leader in game shows and competitive entertainment, announced today a 20-episode order of BAGGAGE ON THE ROAD, a new traveling version of the network’s hit series “Baggage.” Jerry Springer, host of “Baggage,” will host the new iteration, which will travel to four US cities, beginning with Austin, Texas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana in October. With Springer guiding the fun, contestants will be required to reveal the various intimate secrets and hidden flaws – housed inside literal suitcases – that typically aren’t revealed on a date.

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