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The two of them agree, in the Season 4 premiere, to act as if it never happened but it does not last.As of Season 4, Nate and Sophie have a no-strings-attached relationship.She's an aspiring actress, capable of convincingly playing any character or nationality... Sophie often plays a variety of characters while on a job, and is as adept with aristocracy as she is with working class characters.She has many other identities from the days before she joined the team, and part of what was thought to be her real name was revealed in The Long Goodbye Job, when Nate proposed to her and called her Lara.The two of them disagree often, but this is usually because of personal issues between them.Sophie often puts certain expectations on Nate that he seems unable to fulfill.

Sophie takes on a maternal role at times, advising Parker and Alec Hardison on their budding relationship. Sophie has a wide network of friends and colleagues, allowing her to bring fellow grifter Tara Cole onto the team when she needed a break.In The Miracle Job, Sophie seems to indicate that she is waiting on him to make a decision about his feelings.In The Wedding Job, Nate implies that he is not ready to start dating and makes an allusion to their past, stating love is not "running across rooftops in Paris", but rather it is "pushing a cart around Home Depot".Season 3 places the two of them on more of an even keel.After Nate is released from jail following the Season 2 finale, Sophie and Nate resume their relationship as it was for the first part of Season 2.

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