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So in order to bypass that, why not give away some free memberships? You can get your friends to sign up, or just find people on the web.

Maybe add a content section to draw search engine traffic.Many of the bigger dating sites allow their larger affiliates to rebrand their site -- that is one reason it seems like there are way more dating sites out there than there really are. I would not let anyone tell me that it is impossible to do. You might just need a different approach to get started or the funds to push a new brand into the market. I know it's a flooded market and I do have somewhat of a niche.I couldn't tell you where to go to buy members because I don't know. I'll probably offer free memberships at first as well.When it comes down to it, it's all about what you are willing to invest (time, money), and your marketing plan. Yup but to get 10,000 paying members is quite an achievement - you'll need 100-200,000 members in total to have that many paying members (depending on your conversions of course).The conversion rate of dating sites is a closely guarded secret by those who run them, but we have seen anything from 0.3% conversion to 20% conversion - times each of those by 10,000 and you'll get an idea of how much income is made - particularly if you rebill each month like our sites do.

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