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Eve: Is it fair to use abstract class instead of interface? Girls from HR agency “Hurece’s Sour Man” trying to identify candidates to their open job positions. Pedro: The system was designed when classes were more popular than objects, so live with this. - Junior Engineer Feverro O’Neal - Forever Alone A Profit NY - Profanity Bella Hock - Black Hole Sir Dry Bang - Angry Birds Saimank Gerr - Risk Manager Deam Evil - Medieval Podrea Vesper - Eavesdropper Deren Bart - Bartender Hurece’s Sour Man - Human Resources P.

Then we provide two diferent constructors, default for standard behaviour, and decorated, which delegates call to decorated object. Pedro: Yes, additional plus that we don’t break existing functionality. Eve: Yes, but I still don’t understand how it differs from Decorator. Eve: Decorator adds functionality to the same interface, and so does Proxy. Eve: Even more, Adapter is not very different as well. Eve: But from implementation perspective all these pattern are the same, wrap something and delegate calls to wrapper. Jobs with requirements is completely separate hierarchy, and it is developed by customers. Pedro Veel - Developer Eve Dopler - Developer Serpent Hill & R. Selbys - Business Analyst Mech Dominore Fight Saga - Heroes of Might and Magic Kent Podiololis - I don’t like loops Chad Bogue - Douchebag Dex Ringeus - UX Designer Veerco Wierde - Code Review Dartee Hebl - Heartbleed Bertie Prayc - Cyber Pirate Cristopher, Matton & Pharts - Important Charts & Reports Tuck Brass - Starbucks Eugenio Reinn Jr.

None of us would be using 4chan today—or potentially anonymous image board—if it weren't for him.

I met Hiroyuki in 2011 and we became fast friends, bonding over our shared passion for creating and managing online communities.

All characters are fake, coincidences are accidental. Eve: Not really, clojure supports it natively via multimethods Pedro: Multi Pedro: Characters behave differently in different events, for example mages cast spells in battle, but rogues prefer silent melee combat; locked chests are skipped by most characters, but rogues can unlock them, etc. Eve: I mean, you redefined behaviour by using subclasses, but in Strategy pattern you did the same: redefined behaviour by using functions. Eve: State was handled with another approach as well. Eve: You are solving the same kind of problem, but change the approach to it.

Moreover, you can add new operations for activities and messages by just defining new visitors and without changing their code. But implementation is tough, it is the same for clojure?

have a constraint on it's argument that it has to allocated on the heap (for example if the function might want to call realloc on the parameter).

Eve: They use age values for points, why not precompute these points for most common ages? Eve: Excellent, here is my version as a key, instead of two-dimensional array. Eve: No, it is much flexible, you can’t use two-dimensional array if you need to cache three points or non-integer values. Eve: Even better, in clojure you can just use and so forth. Pedro: Chain of Responisibility seems like a good pattern candidate for that. Pedro: Correct, I think we could use Composite pattern to handle rendering of the whole page.

From clojure perspective it can be implemented the same way as strategy pattern. Each node has a data value and reference to the next node. Eve: Then, make it optional, and if it is not provided, take some default value. Pedro: That’s the problem and this pattern solves it. Pedro: Profit may be underestimated, but if you have hundreds of mutually connected components (UI for example) mediator is really a savior. Eve: Yeah, in fact observer is just a way to register function, which will be called after another function. Eve Sure, but we can improve solution a bit using clojure watches.

Pedro: Agreed, State is very close to the Strategy. Instead of providing strategy explicitly, it depends on some state. Pedro: But this field is important for our analytics system, we make food and clothes recomendations based on that field. Prototype is not needed in immutable world Eve: That seems like a simple refactoring problem. Eve: Ok…let’s look…your mediator is responsible for Pedro: It’s a pretty the same way? Pedro: They have realtime charts with a lot of different points. Eve: Because it is the raisin of the system: customer can make coffee with any set of ingridients checks all required parameters, and could validate and throw an exception if object is in inconsistent state.

Pedro: That’s our internal API for developers, every time they need to process request, inject 4 services, include all imports, and write this code. Eve: Make sure your solution is extendable, other filters could be applied. Eve: Strange, because avatars rendered the same way as other elements, but they are visible. Eve: Well…no is good, but we need to fix the problem Pedro: It’s simple just additional line here. Why do we need two similar snippets of code to process the same blocks? Pedro: I don’t know, maybe I am too young for the trees, let’s move forward. Eve: Just change assets and add new blocks: paper, wood, iron… Pedro: I think it’s a crap, but anyway, let’s make Eve: I’ve seen something similar before. Eve: For me it seems like a strategy or state pattern. Strategy is about performing specific operations and factory is for creating specific object. Pedro: Then we must separate game worlds and build a set of specific objects for particular world. Pedro: Instead of using Factory Method for building specific blocks, we use Abstract Factory to build a set of related objects, to make a level look less crappy.

We resolve all dependencies to a single point of access and simplify API usage. Eve: Let me ask you: what’s the difference between singleton and global varaible. Eve: …the difference between singleton and global variable. Eve: First, yes, they useful, but NOT only in concurrent environment. Third, it changes the state of UI configuration Pedro: Ok, so let’s just add a filter to replace these rude words with the asterisks. Pedro: Seems, that latest feature broke user avatars. Eve: No, you define the whole tree with one datastructure and use one function to operate on it. Eve: It traverses the tree and applies to every node, so in our case it can render each component. If user pay for color hats for their characters, then they will pay for wooden blocks as well. Eve: Sure, snow background with wooden walls, space invaders with wooden walls every setting with wooden walls. First we define Pedro: Each implementation of level factory creates related objects for level.

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