Family guy dating advice

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Brian successfully hooks up with an obese woman named Bettina, and comes home dressed in obnoxious clothing (that resembles Jon Gosselin) before heading out to try again with Denise.Denise is turned off by Brian's newfound arrogance and leaves him.Jealous, Brian and Quagmire begin fighting and pointing out each other's flaws in front of Cheryl and Jillian causing them to leave and break up with their dates.Brian suggests that his feud with Quagmire has finally come to an end and that it took them stealing each other's girls to finally become friends again, to which Quagmire reluctantly agrees. Peter takes an autographed photo of Ang Lee off the laundromat wall, but Mr.Lois requests Peter to go pick up his clothes from a dry cleaning store.Peter tells her that he got his favorite white shirt washed by the cleaners, but when he goes to pick up the shirt at the Chinese-owned laundromat Super Cowboy USA Hot Dog Rocket Ship American Cleaners Number One, he finds out that the owner, Mr. He denies losing it, causing Peter to refuse to give him business any longer and claiming that Mr. Lois steadfastly declines to find a new dry cleaner – as Mr. Washee-Washee leaves in a huff, banning the Griffins from his store for life.Like ’s rogue’s gallery of non-Griffin characters is also strong, from Glenn Quagmire (Mac Farlane, once more), Peter’s endlessly horny friend, to wheelchair-stricken Joe Swanson (Patrick Warburton), Peter’s other best bud.

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The title is a reference to the famous song "Tea for Two".Brian goes to bail him out, and meets a woman, Denise, whom he takes a liking to.Brian later tells Lois about Denise, and tries to impress her by inviting Denise on a date.When he tries it on, however, Peter discovers that it isn't his shirt.At that moment, Washee-Washee comes in and holds Peter at gun-point, causing the two to break into a Street Fighter 2-like battle with Peter ultimately losing and ending up in jail.

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