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Whippers have spurts of energetic moments followed by long, lazy afternoons. Luckily, pointers Coton de Tulears (or cotons for short) have funny, clownish personalities. They enjoy just following their family members around the house and taking part in whatever they’re doing.

Aggression To Other Dogs Dogs that are aggressive to other dogs can be frightening and embarrassing for owners.

– some dogs that chase other dogs may nip them to try to stop them, or bite in excitement once they stop, or to make them run again, or in self-defense if a chased dog has been aggressive to them in the past.

They were originally bred as pointers and retrievers, but today they make excellent family dogs — they love to be loved.Their personalities are calm, affectionate, and playful, usually making them great companions for other dogs. They also love to be accompanied by a good partner in crime. Because these are very active, hard-driving gun dogs, pointers crave intense exercise.says they have no problem getting along with other dogs, so long as their energy levels are complimentary. Especially when you train and socialize them from a young age, pugs can get along very well with both other dogs and children. A good way keep your pointer active is with another dog.(See ‘Frustration And Re-directed Aggression’.) – dogs that play rough with other dogs need to be prevented from playing with other dogs for a while and taught to play with humans with toys instead.They need to learn self-control and good manners and then some can be allowed supervised and instructional play with other dogs.

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