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Now, no matter what the size of the event—whether you’re hand-selecting a few reviewers, or rotating through the whole group—you know who you’re going to be speaking to.So there is no reason you shouldn’t know about their organization, what they do, and what you hope to achieve from your meeting with them.Next, make sure you have an excellent leave behind. After meeting 12 or 20 or 50 photographers in a matter of hours, anyone is going to struggle to put a name and face to the work.

I’ve done a lot of these “speed dating” type reviews over the years (ASMP and APA host them, and Palm Springs Photo Festival is also having one in October), and I’d like to share some thoughts about how you should prepare for them, and what you should and shouldn’t expect from your meetings.

I managed to wear a shirt with buttons and sleeves on it, I bet you have one too. True, you don’t want to worry about coffee breath when you’re cozied up at a very small table, but maybe think about a pre-meeting mint instead.

Don’t come to reviews with a laptop running Bridge.

You’re most likely paying one way or another to get feedback, and an honest opinion is far more valuable than sugar-coated praise.

Don’t dwell for too long on one single image, even if your reviewer likes it; keep your explanation short, these meetings move briskly. Even if you are coming to network more than get direction, you’re bound to get some advice worth writing down.

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