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She knows what she wants and loves and will fight for them.

I really respect her, it’s just that sometimes she gets carried away by her feelings and reacts in a not so positive way.

He won the show with his act Jermain Jackman in 2014.

Speaking about the new series he said: “There was some amazing talent on The Voice Kids during the summer and now it’s time for the grown-ups auditioning for The Voice season 7 to really step up their game.

At times it felt like she was freezing both Alice and Ryan out because she was mad. Don’t get me started on his reaction to Feenie’s dream of being a professional fighter, I know you don’t want her to be hurt, but to be so horrified she is afraid to ever bring it up again? Still, he has a big heart and tries his best to be what his little family needs Yes, this is what a good therapist sounds like.I adored this character, he was kind and professional and non-judgemental and helpful. They are shitty parents and don’t deserve such a good child.It’s so refreshing to see a positive adult figure, outside of family, that isn’t creepy or morally ambiguous. I’ll get more in-depth later but, they are bad parents and they should be happy that their daughter found her path in life. That last thing that is supposed to make you think the dad made me mad too.You are supposed to pay for your kid’s food, it’s not a kindness.Hypocrite, she doesn’t want her sister to re-make her mistakes maybe but the fact that she needed to drop out a couple of times before finishing her degree should have made her more understanding of Alice’s situation.

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