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Here in Denver, off-leash dogs in on-leash areas are becoming more and more of a problem.

Since our dogs were attacked by an off-leash dog in the summer of 2009, we’ve become quite sensitive to this issue.

In order to gain distance, somewhere along the line these golfers have been told that they need to increase their clubhead speed.

While this definitely can help, knowing how to increase clubhead speed is crucial to this working.

In a somewhat belated ruling, Finland's highest court has decided that Helsinki police had no legal grounds to cover up an 83-year-old nude model in an outdoor live performance art exhibit, which sparked a controversy back in 2014.

The Supreme Administrative Court of Finland finally put an end to the public debate by ruling that Helsinki police violated the law when they forbade a street performance by Dutch artist Dries Verhoeven featuring an elderly nude model, the Finnish daily Hufvudstadsbladet reported.

Free uk have no way of telling if statements made by other visitors are true.

It is a known risk of internet usage that people are not necessarily who they say they are.

Safety and security of our members continues to be a huge priority within the online dating world.

The local theater organization Q-teatteri, which produced the show, appealed the call to cover up, but as Helsinki District Court sided with the police, decided to go on with the show with the woman wearing underwear.

​"An image that is vulnerable and honest is made suspicious by a policeman who — without getting any phone call from anyone in Helsinki saying 'I feel provoked' — decides that the Finnish people would have a major problem seeing the nudity of an 83 year-old lady," Dries Verhoeven said at the time of the controversy, calling the police's decision "slightly patronizing." "I think that a policeman thinking for you decides that you would be provoked by an image that I personally consider more beautiful than provoking," he added.

“Where, after all, do universal human rights begin?

The shots that result are usually in two categories.

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