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Here are the signs of depression in women you may notice: If after all you have read above you still want to help your beloved fight depression, you may choose one of the following strategies.

However, if you see that all your attempts to help her fail you should probably call the doctor and let experts help your beloved. Pets help fight depression Those who have a fluffy friend with four paws know that they can change your life totally and make it bright and cheerful.

The major inhabitants of our apartments, except insects, are cats and dogs.

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They help hypertensive people and people who have had a heart attack normalizing their pressure and pulse.

Aromatherapy against depression Another great idea on how to help someone depressed is aromatherapy.

Aroma oils go through the skin and get into the blood, spreading throughout the whole body.

You will hardly find a family living near the Vesuvius without a cat.

The amazing abilities of cats have been tested many times in various studies.

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