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However, as Jacobs married a French Canadian girl and brought his children up as Catholics, he is often overlooked as the first permanent Jewish settler in Canada in favour of Aaron Hart, who married a Jew and brought up his children, or at least his sons, in the Jewish tradition.Lieutenant Hart first arrived in Canada from New York City as Commissariat to Jeffery Amherst's forces at Montreal in 1760.The most prominent of these five were the business associates Samuel Jacobs and Aaron Hart.In 1759, in his capacity as Commissariat to the British Army on the staff of General Sir Frederick Haldimand, Jacobs was recorded as the first Jewish resident of Quebec, and thus the first Canadian Jew.One exception was Esther Brandeau, a Jewish girl who arrived in 1738 disguised as a boy and remained for a year before being sent back to France after refusing to convert.The earliest subsequent documentation of Jews in Canada are British Army records from the French and Indian War, the North American part of the Seven Years' War.Most of the early Jewish Canadians were either fur traders or served in the British Army troops. Although Montreal's Jewish community was small, numbering only around 200, they built the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue of Montreal, Shearith Israel, the oldest synagogue in Canada in 1768.Some sources date the actual establishment of synagogue to 1777 on Notre Dame Street.

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The congregation was granted the right of keeping a register in 1897.This total would account for approximately 1.1% of the Canadian population.The Jewish community in Canada is composed predominantly of Ashkenazi Jews and their descendants.Other communal institutions were the Quebec Hebrew Sick Benefit Association, the Quebec Hebrew Relief Association for Immigrants, and the Quebec Zionist Society.By 1805, the Jewish population was about 350, in a total population of 68,834.

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