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Tressy was made in the United Kingdom in the early 60s by Palitoy, Cascelloid Division of Bakelite Xylonite Limited, Owen Street.Coalville in Leicester, and were made under license from American Character Inc, Broadway, New York The first version of the Palitoy Tressy was made in 1964.Palitoy then carried on the production without any makers mark whatsoever on the 1st version of the doll.The vinyl used for the heads of the Palitoy dolls is not of the same quality of the American Character dolls and can be prone to discoloration and fading.

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The question is about the markings on the right cheek. Questions and Discussions About Cleaning and Caring For Vintage Barbie Clothes I just found a great deal on ebay! Answered Mod Era Barbie (1967 - 1975) Id Requests i know its a barbie body but not sure about face, bottom is stamped matel barbie i think 1968 but face is different, she is almost smiling. I have a blonde bubble cut Barbie with pearl earrings. Unanswered Collectible/Modern Barbie Doll Questions I'm searching for barbies with the Lara face sculpt.

She has the same body as the Tressy dolls with the hole for the mechanism omitted.

She was also available in a red dress in the same design both came with a little matching hair and make up band to keep the hair off her face whilst applying the hair and beauty products, white panties and shoes.

I also noticed that people were asking me to identify items that were already identified on this site - meaning they didn't even bother to look before they asked. If you cannot identify your item, you can post it on our Facebook page.

You can post the item here - Fashion Doll Guide on Facebook (be sure & include a good photo - if it is a doll, a close up of the face is essential! If you are a collector, please stop by and help others identify their items. What you see below are previous questions and answers when there was a form on this page.

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