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It is better to be safe than sorry, so you should report suspicious activity whenever you can.

The good news is that there are specific ways that you can report fraud.

In many cases, scammers use sophisticated and genuine looking websites to convince consumers their offers are legitimate.

If you are the recipient of a job or investment scam, you should report it to the ACORN.

You can visit the Internet Crime Complaint Center, otherwise known as IC3.

When you visit the website, it allows you to report fraud if you are the victim or someone who is aware of fraudulent actions which are being performed by others.

This includes inheritance scams, ‘Nigerian’ scams, money reclaim scams and other upfront payment or advanced fee fraud.

The people who carry out fraud schemes usually do so through anonymity.Scammers then demand payment before allowing you to access your computer again.‘Hit man scams’ involve scammers sending random death threats via SMS or email from a hired ‘hit man’.Often these scams promise a high income for little work but request an up-front payment before starting work.Investment scams involve scammers contacting you via unsolicited phone calls or email with offers of investments in lucrative schemes that will provide attractive returns.

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