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Satisfied, Chad leaned in to kiss Jordan again, but his cell phone started ringing as they moved over to the couch.

Kate added that she wanted to make sure she and Clyde understood each other, prompting him to reply that he had understood her from the moment he had met her in Poplar Bluff months earlier. At the Di Mera mansion, Jordan assured Chad that, while she had harbored feelings for Rafe for a while after their breakup, there was no longer any doubt in her mind that her relationship with her former beau was over for good.

"Then you really need to watch your back, because I feel like the only time Chad is nice anymore is when he wants something," Melanie warned. " Melanie approvingly replied, and she urged Abigail to listen to Ben. Clyde removed Kate's coat and led her over to the bed, and they started having sex.

Abigail mused that Melanie and Ben would likely get along with each other, since he was always suspicious of Chad, too. Abigail couldn't think of any way Chad could have possibly benefitted from getting her rehired at the hospital, but she promised to be careful around him. Afterward, Clyde approvingly declared that it had been worth the wait.

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