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77 to Aug.78 according to The Fender Stratocaster Book by A.

Duchossoir._________________'65 Strat,65 Mustang,65 Jaguar,4 more Strats,3 vintage Vox guitars,5 Vox amps,'69 Bassman with a '68 2-15 Bassman cab,36 guitars total-15asst'd amps total,2 vintage '60s Hammond organs & a myriad of effects-with a few rare vintage ones.

In this case it stands for the 3rd week of 1980 and was a Thursday.

Ignore all the "FRR" stamps you'll find on the neck base and in the neck pocket.

You spot a '79 in a local shop, or online, but how can you be certain it is a '79?

Some dealers simply go by the serial number, which you will discover can be far from accurate.

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The '*' represents a middle digit that is either an 'X', a '-' or something that resembles a '1/2' or '1/4' fraction.So, you can't afford that '54 Strat, or that '64, or even that '74 for that matter.Your last chance to own a vintage Fender Stratocaster is with the guitars of the late 1970's.Large Letter Stamps: Not 100% sure what these mean, but I have a theory they were used to grade a body prior to recieving a finish. I have seen four A stamps on Natural finished bodies, and a trans-red with an A stamp. I have also seen a D, along with an A on a Sunburst body.This is just a theory, but if only A's were put on Natural finished guitars as an example, it could help determine if a guitar is refinished.

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