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His actions were intended to sow death,' prosecutor Elena Neri told the court last month.The defence painted a picture of a young man eager for affection who never knew his father and whose mother - a drug addict who was HIV positive - died when he was just four years old.Talluto expressed regret for what had happened as he was sentenced, but said he did not realise the consequences of his actions.Throughout his trial, which opened in March in Rome's Rebibbia prison, the women described how Talluto had wined and dined them, claiming to fall in love before persuading them to have unprotected sex.But another of his sex partners came forth to say the actor never told her that he has HIV, potentially opening him up to prosecution under California’s law.Many prosecutors defend HIV laws as offering just punishment for behavior that can help transmit the virus.

The strain of the virus they share with Talluto is the most widespread in Europe.Under Missouri law, HIV-positive people must tell all their sexual partners that they are infected, even if they practice safe sex.Johnson was accused not merely of keeping his HIV status to himself, but of willfully lying to his partners, telling them he was HIV-negative before engaging in what the prosecutor would call the most “dangerous” form of sex: ejaculating without a condom into the rectums and mouths of his sex partners.An HIV-positive Italian man who intentionally infected 30 women including a 14-year-old and another victim who passed it onto her baby has been jailed for 24 years.Valentino Talluto called himself 'Hearty Style' as he seduced dozens of young women on social networks and internet dating sites, often dating several at a time.

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