Dating fender guitars japan

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This 335 was used as a reference color guitar over the years, and has never left the Memphis factory since 2010 until now.

This is an NOS(New Old Stock) ES-335 Dot(1959 Reissue) in Black with Gold Hardware.

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The P-90s sound great, with 7.21K/Neck & 7.22K/Bridge. This guitar reminds me of a 1964 ES-330TD Cherry I had years ago(on my web site at Lefty Vintage Guitars), except this new one sounds and plays MUCH better!Since then the guitar’s neck pickup cavity was cleanly routed for the larger Lollar-built Charlie Christian pickup...This is an NOS(New Old Stock) ES-335 Dot(1959 Reissue) in Cherry Red with Nickel Hardware.This is a brand new Gibson Historic 1959/R9 with a Brazilian Fingerboard, Lemon Burst, VOS finish, Nickel Hardware.This is from the new limited run of Brazilian R9s – and the lefties are even more rare, with only a handful made.

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