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While many people with anxiety find a way to get comfortable with a romantic partner, the initial stages of a relationship can feel difficult, if not impossible.

Particularly in the digital age, where dates are a swipe away, it can be hard for people with anxiety to decide to put themselves out there in the first place.

Those voices that keep telling you that you’re not good enough, aren’t smart enough, or that nobody will pick you on a dating site, keep many people struggling with anxiety from putting themselves out there in the first place.

Keep reading to learn how anxiety makes dating difficult and what role it could be playing in your romantic difficulties.For many people with anxiety, even if you’ve met someone you think is amazing and would like to see more of, your anxiety often gets in the way.Even when someone else is expressing interest, many men and women struggling with anxiety can’t imagine that they’d actually snag such a catch.This can be done casually at where you’re most comfortable.One of the uglier sides of anxiety is its ability to make even a loving, committed partner seem untrustworthy.

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